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Can You Tell The Difference Between The Cheapest And The Most Expensive Bottled Water?

2019-11-30 15:10:28| digg

A Youtuber with a very refined sense of taste sees if there's a difference between the cheapest bottled water on the market and the champagne of bottled water.

Tags the water difference expensive

London Bridge attack: Prisoner who confronted terrorist is not a hero, say family of the woman he murdered

2019-11-30 12:53:00| Telegraph Business

Tags the family london woman

Elektron's Model:Samples groovebox is $100 off for the holidays

2019-11-29 21:45:00| Engadget

Elektron's synths, samplers, drum machines and grooveboxes are known for their top-notch sound and unique sequencing features. Once thing they're not known for, though, is being affordable. The Model:Samples is the big exception to that rule. And it'...

Tags the holidays

The Beauty Of Hawaii, Minus All The Human-Made Crap

2019-11-29 20:52:12| digg

There's no shortage of natural beauty in Hawaii, from aquamarine beaches to majestic volcanoes. But to see it you have to look past all the human-built junk in the way: 46-story condos, 12-lane highways, and concrete viaducts blocking out the sun.

Tags the beauty hawaii minus

Your Room Can Be As Bright As The Outdoors

2019-11-29 18:17:15| digg

I decided to give up on chasing natural sunlight and make my own instead.

Tags the room outdoors bright


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