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Essex tries to reclaim Mayflower and attract American tourists by opening captain's house to the public

2019-11-29 18:09:54| Telegraph Business

Tags to the public house

Lets move to Inverness, Inverness-shire: wilderness on the doorstep

2019-11-29 17:30:11| Guardian Unlimited Business - more business news

Everything feels different, as though the light this far north comes from a different sunWhats going for it? Every time I step off the sleeper at Inverness, it feels as if Ive dozed off south of Crewe and woken up in Reykjavik or Trondheim. Everything feels different, as though the light this far north comes from a different sun, cooler and lower. It makes the city exotic to this southern softie. The more so when I clock the turrets of the castle, the mountains in the distance or dance a tipsy jig in Hootananny bar. Reports often cite the citizens of Inverness as the happiest in the country, perhaps owing to all this and the citys casually ordinary beauty, the things it probably takes for granted, like the fresh (sometimes teeth-janglingly so) air, wildness on its doorstep, or the promenades along the beautiful banks of the river Ness. A decent economy helps, too: the city has long been one of the fastest growing in the UK thanks to the hi-tech and healthcare sectors. Or maybe its the dolphins in the Moray Firth. Just the sign of a nose breaking the waters surface is enough to cheer me up.The case against Not a lot. Even the hours you have to put in to get to other big towns or cities seem worth it when youre home. Continue reading...

Tags the move wilderness inverness

What Is The Longest Commercial Flight In The World?

2019-11-29 15:21:54| digg

What's the longest non-stop commercial flight you can subject yourself to?

Tags the world commercial flight

UK PM Boris Johnson says UK will leave EU by January 31 at the latest

2019-11-29 10:48:58| The Economic Times

"If we can get a working majority then we will come on Jan. 31 at the absolute latest," UK PM said. He also repeated his message that he saw no reason why Britain would need to extend the transition period after Brexit beyond the end of 2020. Asked if he would rather be prime minister or have Britain leave the EU, he replied: "I would rather get us out of the EU. I can tell you that."

Tags the january latest leave

France: Control Over The General Interest Motives Justifying The Termination Of An Administrative Contract: What Are The Practical Consequences? - Pamina Avocats

2019-11-29 09:45:35| Mondaq.Com

The contractor will generally opt for a compensation claim, as the rules for calculating it are satisfactory.

Tags the general france control


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