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America is not the land of the free but one of monopolies so predatory they imperil the nation | Will Hutton

2019-12-01 09:30:01| Guardian Unlimited Business - more business news

Its growing economic crisis is in contrast to a thriving and newly innovative EuropeTomorrow, President Trump arrives in London for the annual Nato summit. Despite the boasting and the trappings of superpower status, he is an emissary from a country whose economy and society are in increasing difficulty, and whose global leadership is under challenge not just from the usual suspect, China, but from Europe. With the unerring capacity to be wrong that defines the Brexit right, Britain is about to decouple itself from a continental economy beginning to get things right, and hook up with one that is palpably beginning to fail.This is not the conventional wisdom. The EU is sclerotic, undynamic, stifled by quasi-socialist red tape, and hostile to insurgent startups. It is so degenerate it cannot even defend itself as Trump will undoubtedly remind its leaders over the next two days. The US is the mirror opposite. A free trade agreement post 31 January with the US is the number one strategic policy aim for Brexit Britain unshackling the UK from the declining old, and embracing the English-speaking, dynamic new. Best be nice to the Donald. Continue reading...

Tags the will free they

Armed with a whale's tusk and a fire extinguisher: the heroes who took on the terrorist

2019-12-01 01:01:00| Telegraph Business

Tags the on took fire

Starbucks Barista Fired After Officers Cup Had Pig on the Label

2019-12-01 00:26:08| Business - International Herald Tribune

After the episode, Starbucks and the police department said they would host a Coffee With a Cop event so local law enforcement could meet with baristas.

Tags the label cup officers

Watch Danny DeVito And The Rock Crash A Wedding In The Most Charming Way Possible

2019-11-30 23:40:43| digg

The two actors crash a wedding by singing a duet of "Unforgettable."

Tags the way possible rock

Best Buy Has Good Momentum Heading Into the Holidays

2019-11-30 23:00:00| Fool.com Headlines

The consumer tech retailer just raised its outlook for the second straight quarter.

Tags the good buy holidays


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