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Tag: one

This Video Of A Guy Being Horrified By A Woman's Cooking Instructions Is One Wild Roller Coaster Ride

2020-08-11 01:18:18| digg

It starts in gentle confusion and then takes a turn towards shock and utter horror.

Tags one video instructions guy

The new American Dream is just as unattainable as the old one

2020-08-07 08:00:27| Fast Company

The experience economy is mixing with gig work, an incomprehensible financial system, and unpayable college debt, creating a new set of impossible-to-achieve goals for a new generation. In the 1958 episode of Leave It to Beaver called “The Bank Account,” Ward Cleaver gets Wally and Beaver a piggy bank, seeding it with 75¢. Ward explains, “You’re going to go to college one of these days, and you’ll find that money will come in mighty handy then.”Read Full Story

Tags the one old american

Now, 24 states under 'One Nation One Ration Card'

2020-08-02 11:45:44| The Economic Times

Now, 24 states under 'One Nation One Ration Card'With the addition of these four states, now 24 states across the country are connected with the One Nation One Ration Card Scheme. About 80% of total National Food Security Act are now, Union Minister of Consumer Affairs Ram Vilas Paswan told ET. Remaining States/UTs are targeted to be integrated in national portability by March 2021.

Tags one states card nation

India needs data security norms for 5G NextGen IoT devices but framing one won't be a cakewalk

2020-07-31 20:16:46| The Economic Times

Security experts warned that IoT devices be it a smart TV, fridge or a washing machine would be much more vulnerable in a 5G context since devices with built-in software and processors like computers can serve as jump-off points for launching serious cyberattacks on individual consumers, institutional assets and even critical information infrastructure like e-governance systems.

Tags one data security india

Scientists Have Ruled Out The Worst-Case Climate Scenario — And The Best One Too

2020-07-31 19:18:52| digg

There's a range of possibilities for how much the earth will warm. A new study narrows the likely window by the largest margin in decades.

Tags the one too climate


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