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A Brief History of the Censusand How Covid-19 Could Change It

2020-04-01 22:58:27| Wired News: Top Stories

Census-taking used to spur innovation. Now, the pace of technology, and the challenge of going go door to door, could force it to adopt existing systems instead.

Tags it change history covid19

Husky Is Not Amused By Owner's Food Prank, And His Face Really Shows It

2020-04-01 22:19:31| digg

Every dog has its day, but it's apparently not today for this poor husky.

Tags it food really shows

Retired Carpenter Creates A Catapult In His Backyard, Has A Hell Of A Good Time Launching Fire From It

2020-04-01 16:20:02| digg

Just some good, normal activities you can do in your backyard, you know?

Tags it from time good

UK: How The Coronavirus Could Prejudice Your Tax Status And What To Do About It - Withers LLP

2020-04-01 12:05:57| Mondaq.Com

Covid-19 and the measures which have been introduced globally to delay its transmission have disrupted travel plans and marooned individuals who are unable to move freely between countries,...

Tags to it what status

What is coronavirus, how did it start and how big could it get?

2020-04-01 03:06:33| Telegraph Business

Tags it get start big


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