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Why I (Still) Don't Want to Own Starbucks Stock...and You Shouldn't Either

2020-01-25 20:07:00| Fool.com Headlines

The coffee giant may be a great business, but a handful of rising headwinds make it an iffy investment.

Tags you either starbucks shouldnt

Have a Search Warrant for Data? Google Wants You to Pay

2020-01-25 00:09:34| Business - International Herald Tribune

The tech giant has begun charging U.S. law enforcement for responses to search warrants and subpoenas.

Tags to search you data

We Wasted $50K On Google Ads So You Don't Have To

2020-01-24 18:13:51| digg

Ever wondered if Google Ads are really worth it, but don't have the cash for an experiment? One's been done for you!

Tags to you google ads

MIT's new GPS system uses satellite images to put you in the right lane

2020-01-24 11:50:00| Engadget

If you've ever used GPS navigation while driving in an unfamiliar place, chances are you've had more than one incident with last minute merging -- likely because the GPS hasn't picked up on the number of lanes on the road, or where they lead to. But...

Tags you system right put

The best chat app you never knew you wanted is here

2020-01-24 10:00:29| Fast Company

Because sometimes, you just want the old web back. In Web 1.0, the internet was known for its static, clunky websites and the rise of widely available information. The user-generated content and constant chatter we know (and get overwhelmed by) today wasn’t a thing until Web 2.0 took over about 10 years later, in the early aughts. But in the years leading up to the new millennium, one element of living online did allow people to engage: the chat room.Read Full Story

Tags you here chat wanted


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