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End game for oil? OPEC prepares for an age of dwindling demand

2020-07-29 19:39:52| The Economic Times

The pandemic has prompted some officials in the OPEC to ask whether this year's dramatic demand destruction heralds a permanent shift and how best to manage supplies if the age of oil is drawing to a close.

Tags of end age game

Guy Shoots At His Grandpa's Bulletproof Lamborghini With Different Caliber Guns While He's Out Of Town

2020-07-29 18:51:31| digg

Edwin Sarkissian goes Rambo upon his grandfather's prized Lamborghini.

Tags of out town guy

Tim Cook would like to remind you that Apple does not dominate any of its markets

2020-07-29 18:06:51| Fast Company

Tim Cook of Apple and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook were among the tech CEOs who downplayed their market dominance in front of Congress today. Wednesday’s congressional antitrust hearing convened the CEOs of four tech industry titans: Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook. And during their testimonies, each CEO was firmly committed to downplaying the size of his respective corporate behemoth.Read Full Story

Tags of its apple markets

At 88, He Is A Historical Rarity — The Living Son Of A Slave

2020-07-29 17:19:17| digg

The whipping post. The lynching tree. The wagon wheel. They were the stories of slavery, an inheritance of fear and dread, passed down from father to son.

Tags a of son living

Electric bikes arrive in Chicago after months of delays

2020-07-29 17:15:55| Chicago Tribune news - Business

Riders can find the bikes at e-stations designated for the new bikes, or at public bike racks for the traditional models.

Tags of months chicago electric


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