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YouTuber Buys A 'Broken' Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 For Cheap And Then Repairs It For $16

2020-01-25 21:39:10| digg

YouTuber itsjusta6 makes a few small repairs and winds up with a fully functioning GT500.

Tags for it cheap broken

'We need to do a better job of showing who we are': Saudi Arabia's new ambassador to the UK reveals how Sandhurst prepared him for crisis-filled job

2020-01-24 19:05:21| Telegraph Business

Tags for uk showing him

How I Stopped Time By Sitting In A Forest For 24 Hours

2020-01-24 18:08:03| digg

My life seemed to be getting busier, faster: I felt constantly short of time — so I stepped outside it for a day and a night and did nothing.

Tags for time hours forest

Insys founder John Kapoor sentenced to five and a half years in prison for opioid bribes

2020-01-24 00:51:29| Telegraph Business

Tags for years john half

Bjork and an AI collaborated on an eerie soundtrack for a hotel lobby

2020-01-23 21:15:00| Engadget

I sat in the lobby of the Sister City hotel in downtown New York, laying back on a comfy couch, breathing as deeply as I could. Bjork stayed here for a month last year. I thought that, maybe If I breathed hard enough, I could absorb some of her essen...

Tags for hotel soundtrack lobby


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