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In a world's first, EU plans universal charging port for all mobile phones

2021-09-24 04:15:17| The Economic Times

Apple pushed back against the proposal. "We remain concerned that strict regulation mandating just one type of connector stifles innovation rather than encouraging it, which in turn will harm consumers in Europe and around the world," the company said in a statement.

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3 Reasons Crocs' Ambitious Growth Projections Might Be for Real

2021-09-23 13:55:00| Fool.com Headlines

The company expects to more than double its sales by 2026.

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You can nab a limited-edition Billie Eilish Echo Studio for $230

2021-09-22 20:53:29| Engadget

After playing through some Billie Eilish tracks in Beat Saber, soon you'll also be able to kick back and listen to a limited-edition Echo Studio sporting the cover of her latest album, "Happier Than Ever." Beyond the beige fabric and Eilish's visage, the $230 speaker is no different than the standard $200 Echo Studio. That's a shame if you were hoping for some sort of upgrade, but if it's any consolation, we adored the Echo Studio's beefy hardware when it launched two years ago. It's one of the few smart speakers built for 3D Audio, and it has more than enough power to blast all of your favorite tunes. The Billie Eilish Limited-Edition Echo Studio also comes with a six-month subscription to Amazon Music, typically a $48 value. That's not a huge selling point if you're already relying on Spotify or other services, but it's one way to justify the higher price. 

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Amazon workers fired for cannabis use can reapply for jobs

2021-09-22 16:29:18| Engadget

Amazon's looser stance on workers' marijuana use now covers people who were previously dismissed. The online retailer said it has restored employment eligibility for workers and applicants who were fired or rejected from unregulated roles (that is, not truck driving or similar jobs) after cannabis screenings. The company didn't promise to rehire recently fired workers or compensate them for lost earnings, but it may be helpful for those still looking for work.The decision, as before, came down to a combination of equity and practical reality. Candidate marijuana screening "disproportionately" affects people of color, Amazon said. It also noted that varying state levels of legalized cannabis use made it harder to run a consistent and equitable drug testing program across the US. Amazon was also frank about its constant need for more workers dropping marijuana tests lets it "expand [the] applicant pool."The move comes on top of recent political efforts, including lobbying for and otherwise supporting bills that reform the federal approach to marijuana. The Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act of 2021 (aka MORE Act), for instance, would purge criminal records.Those measures aren't guaranteed to become law. However, Amazon's overall strategy is clear it's determined to boost hiring, and it's betting that its sheer corporate clout can persuade lawmakers to widen the door for more recruits.

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Could This Stock Be a 10-Bagger for Patient Investors?

2021-09-22 12:41:00| Fool.com Headlines

There's a ton of execution risk, but this real estate stock could be a home run if things go well.

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