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Tag: small

Demand for small, midcaps will rise: Subramaniam

2020-09-14 07:34:54| The Economic Times

Demand for small, midcaps will rise: SubramaniamEven after Sebi clarification, some of the multicaps will remain in the new frame and hence the demand for small and midcap stocks will rise a bit.

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Japan trade deal is small beer but a welcome distraction

2020-09-11 12:37:42| Guardian Unlimited Business - more business news

Agreement offers more for its symbolism than what Britain stands to gain economicallyThe international trade secretary Liz Truss said it was a historic moment and in a way it was. For the first time since leaving the European Union, Britain has struck a free trade deal and with the worlds third biggest economy Japan at that.In practical terms, the agreement is small beer. On the governments own estimates, the impact will be to boost the size of the UK economy by 1.5bn. Given that Britains annual output is about 2 trillion, that represents less than 0.1% of gross domestic product. Whats more, it will take time for the benefits to show up. Continue reading...

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PPP loans kept many small businesses afloat this summer. Without more funds, experts say a wave of bankruptcies is coming.

2020-09-10 21:22:46| Chicago Tribune news - Business

While Paycheck Protection Program loans could not be made to companies in bankruptcy, a handful of Illinois businesses filed for Chapter 11 after receiving PPP loans. As the PPP benefits expire, some bankruptcy experts foresee a wave of small business filings in the fall, without additional federal relief.

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5 Reasons why it's Harder for Small Businesses in Austin to Improve Rankings and How SEO Can Help

2020-09-08 22:38:39| Adrants

Austin was once ranked #4 in the country among the top cities to launch a business. Over the years, it has consistently ranked near the top of the American City Business Journal's Small Business Vitality index on account of its booming tech industry. No city has added million-dollar businesses faster than Austin! The capital of Texas provides a fertile atmosphere for business prosperity and overall economic growth. However, this also means that Austin boasts a highly competitive digital landscape where achieving sustained growth is infinitely more difficult, especially for small businesses. Studies have shown that 20% of small businesses fail within their first year due to unsuccessful marketing initiatives. Marketing takes time, energy, and expertise, and most small businesses are strapped for resources. Some other reasons why small businesses in Austin struggle to drive organic traffic are: Big Brands Dominate Online It can sometimes seem like Google gives big brands all the breaks; giants like Amazon rank for almost 70 million commercial keywords across the internet. Since 75% of internet users never scroll past the first page of their search results, the majority of the sales go to these big brands, making it almost impossible for smaller sites to rank and compete. You can't help but wonder, "Is there a Google bias going on behind the scenes?" It's time to step back and learn from the big brands. Brands like Walmart, eBay, and Yelp don't just adapt to the constantly changing algorithm with the best SEO practices, but they also leverage brand building and awareness to become a part of the public consciousness and build a lasting relationship with their customers. Small Businesses Lack In-House Expertise Even with an integrated marketing plan and a coordinated SEO strategy, many small businesses in Austin lack the analytics expertise and/or technology needed to implement in-house SEO. Big names, on the other hand, leverage thorough keyword research, state-of-the-art reporting tools, and conversion optimization tools to put their brand on the map. Fortunately, a small business can fill this gap by outsourcing to SEO professionals in Austin. SEO agencies have a team of seasoned experts who give you the opportunity to put your business on the road to success with advanced SEO tools and marketing expertise. We'll discuss more about how SEO services can help small businesses maximize their outreach later in the blog. Small Businesses Are Unable To Leverage Quality Link Building and Media Coverage Big brands and sites with great reputations often get backlinks without even trying. They have considerable weight behind their name, which makes getting media coverage in big publications or reaching out for editorial links from authoritative sites a breeze. Small businesses, however, don't have a seal of approval from big publications and struggle to develop brand recognition. Big Brands Have Been At It Longer Big businesses have generally been around for longer. This means they already have years of content, a recurring base of online visitors, and tons of inbound links--it's no wonder they secure the top ranking positions in search results! Regardless of the industry your small business in Austin is in, you'll have at least one competitor who's been around longer. Think of it this way: big brands have simply been doing SEO longer; they know what works, and what doesn't and they leverage insights from past successes to maintain their position. This is where SEO services in Austin come in! SEO consultants can help you make the most of your industry niche with the latest and best SEO practices, enabling you to build business credibility across a diverse set of online platforms. Small Businesses Have a Smaller (Less-Optimized) Website If you own a small business, chances are your website isn't just newer, but also smaller. You probably have fewer pages overall, which means you have lesser targeted keywords and scarcer opportunities to rank. One of the reasons why big websites are able to get more traffic is that (you guessed it) they have a larger collection of resources that drive traffic to their sales funnel. Just think of all the individual pages Amazon has for each and every product they offer. Plus, they've mastered on-site SEO for both users and search engines by incorporating trustworthy content, ensuring mobile-friendliness, optimizing structured data, HTML tags, and more. How Small Businesses Can Still Win So, the question is how a small business in Austin, with limited resources and experience, compete with this high level of online domination? Two words: Local SEO. Local SEO is the act of optimizing your site and content to appear for geo-targeted keywords like "best seafood restaurant Austin." The beauty of a local SEO strategy is that it levels the playing field for businesses of all sizes in a given locality. It promotes your products and services to local prospects and customers. 72% of consumers conduct a local search before they visit a store within five miles of them. Local SEO helps you rank for these search results, driving potential customers to your brick and mortar locations. With Google focusing more on locally targeted content and proximity searches, implementing local SEO can really be your answer to competing with industry giants in the digital space in Austin. Breaking Through the Clutter with Austin Local SEO Search results are becoming more and more local; so much so that Google's Local Pack displays local business at the very top in search results. In fact, these results cover the entire first page in mobile devices! What does that tell you? That you'll probably lose a chunk of traffic if you don't optimize for local searches. Here are some ways you can do so: 1. Optimize for Google My Business Google My Business is the crme de la crme of local searches. It puts your business on the map--literally. After Google authenticates your company as legitimate, it displays it on Google Maps and perhaps even in the coveted sidebar space of a Google Search if you're lucky. To get your business verified, you need to provide accurate details like contact information, business address, and relevant photos to help search engines display an accurate picture of your company. A

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Many small employers are skipping Trumps FICA payroll tax deferral. Heres why.

2020-09-08 17:39:31| Chicago Tribune news - Business

Payroll processor ADP is ready to adjust its computer systems to stop withholding the tax if companies request it, says Pete Isberg, the companys vice president for government affairs. But so far, theres little interest, Isberg says.

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