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Tag: stay

China: How To Stay Compliant Under China's New Foreign Investment Law - Dezan Shira & Associates

2019-12-11 04:00:59| Mondaq.Com

For foreign investors who maintain operations in China, or plan to enter the market, figuring out the impact of the new Foreign Investment Law (FIL) on their plans is a business-critical task.

Tags china law stay foreign

Turkey: Board's Warning Shot To Controllers To Stay Updated When Dealing With Data Subject Rights - Ozbek Attorney Partnership

2019-12-10 10:55:47| Mondaq.Com

The Turkish Data Protection legislation has been constantly updated in light of secondary legislation as well as decisions of the Turkish Data Protection Board.

Tags rights data subject updated

Stay Cool! 8 Tips When Marketing to College Students

2019-12-05 16:04:10| Small Business Brief

Knowing how to market to college students is important. Studies have proven that colleges benefit their local area’s GDP. If your local college has 10,000 students, that’s 10,000 potential customers. College students are savvy. They know when a company is trying to market to them, and not pulling it off. It’s cringy and puts them […]

Tags tips marketing stay college

These are the 7 types of companies that you should stay away from

2019-12-05 11:00:25| Fast Company

Beware before you say yes to taking a job offer at any of these types of companies. No matter how desperate you are for a job, or how annoyed you may be at your current gig, there are some companies you’re better off not working for. Even if the money is good, the role seems irresistible, and even your friends say it’s worth a shot, accepting a role at a crappy company can set your career back and even jeopardize your future success.Read Full Story

Tags you from away types

Mismatch: Why Workers Dont Stay After an Acquisition

2019-12-02 22:55:37| Knowledge@Wharton

New research from Wharton's Daniel Kim shows that employees of acquired companies are more likely to leave the merged firm than regular hires with similar resumes.

Tags stay workers acquisition mismatch


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