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Tag: up

Twitch is failing trans streamers, so Peer2Peer is stepping up

2021-04-14 23:25:05| Engadget

Identity-based tags allow marginalized streamers to build safer communities.

Tags up trans failing stepping

Boeing orders gain altitude as travel picks up

2021-04-13 21:38:59| Chicago Tribune news - Business

Boeing orders picked up in March, fueled by a major deal with Southwest Airlines that helped to offset another round of cancellations for its 737 Max airliner.

Tags up travel orders gain

After April 2020, Bank credit to NBFCs again picks up in February

2021-04-12 03:38:35| The Economic Times

Growth in bank credit to NBFCs had been continuously falling in FY21 after peaking in April 2020 as the economic uncertainties of Covid-19 made banks risk-averse even as they scrambled to provide for possible defaults due to the crisis.

Tags in up february april

South Pacific tribe that worshiped Prince Philip as a living god plans to set up political movement 

2021-04-10 14:00:00| Telegraph Business

Tags up set south living

Engadget Podcast: Michio Kaku on 'The God Equation,' LG gives up on phones

2021-04-09 14:30:29| Engadget

This week, we explore why the Biden admission is bringing on Big Tech critics like Lina Khan and Tim Wu. It seems like they're gearing up to regulate the tech world even more.

Tags on up god phones


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