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Do debates matter? Do they change minds about elections? Heres what the data say

2020-09-29 18:22:44| Fast Company

Most voters have made up their minds by now, and past research suggests debates have only a negligible ability to sway. As Donald Trump and Joe Biden prepare to face off for their first of three presidential debates, perhaps you are asking yourself: What’s the point? Do televised debates actually manage to change people’s minds in an election when the two major candidates are so starkly different? Are that many voters still undecided? Do debates even matter?Read Full Story

Tags the what data change

Donald Trump a bad businessman or a tax cheat probably both, say accountants

2020-09-28 14:39:51| Guardian Unlimited Business - more business news

Experts say presidents $750 tax payments show he is abusing the systemAccountants say the revelation that Donald Trump paid just $750 (580) in federal income tax in 2016 shows that the US president is either a very bad businessman or a tax cheat probably both.Independent left-leaning accounting experts who analysed Trumps tax returns, which were published by the New York Times on Sunday, said that while the full details of Trumps tax affairs were not yet known, the details published by the newspaper showed that the president was abusing the tax system. Continue reading...

Tags both bad say probably

Self-isolation rules: What does the law say?

2020-09-28 08:09:18| Telegraph Business

Tags say law rules selfisolation

GDP contraction in Q2 likely to have slowed to 12%, recovery will be patchy, say economists

2020-09-28 04:01:54| The Economic Times

High Covid-19 cases and localised lockdowns to contain the spread are dampening demand, according to most of the respondents in an ET poll of 10 economists.

Tags will say recovery gdp

Rio Tinto kept loading explosives at Juukan Gorge after promising to stop, traditional owners say

2020-09-25 11:51:44| Guardian Unlimited Business - more business news

In a furious submission to a parliamentary inquiry, the PKKP people say they are experiencing great pain over the loss of heritage sitesThe traditional owners of Juukan Gorge say Rio Tinto provided them with incomplete information, publicly misrepresented the level of consultation, incorrectly described the significance of Aboriginal heritage sites to government authorities, and continued to load explosives above the 46,000-year-old heritage site after promising to delay the blast.In a coldly furious submission to the parliamentary inquiry into the destruction of the Juukan Gorge rock shelters, the PKKP Aboriginal Corporation said the Puutu Kunti Kurrama Pinikura people were experiencing great spiritual, emotional and physical pain at the loss of the sites, which were destroyed in a mining blast by Rio Tinto on 24 May. Continue reading...

Tags say stop owners traditional


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