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How to Save for Retirement Without a 401(k)

2020-01-24 16:00:00| Fool.com Headlines

No 401(k)? Here are four ways you can still secure a comfortable retirement.

Tags without save retirement 401k

Facebook's new robot AI can get around efficiently without using a map

2020-01-22 11:45:00| Engadget

It's already possible for robots to navigate without maps, but having them navigate well is another matter. You don't want them to waste time backtracking, let alone fall down if they bump into an unexpected obstacle. Facebook might have a solution...

Tags map without using efficiently

How to watch the Trump impeachment trial live on CNN or PBS without cable

2020-01-21 11:54:38| Fast Company

The Senate trial on the impeachment of President Donald Trump is taking place today and will continue all week and beyond. Here’s where you can live-stream it without cable. In a historic event that somehow feels astoundingly routine, the United States Senate is currently holding a trial on the impeachment of President Trump. The trial officially began last week but not much has happened yet. It will reconvene in Washington today (Tuesday, January 21) at around 1 p.m. ET.Read Full Story

Tags without live watch trial

You may be a workplace hero without realising it

2020-01-21 11:30:00| Management-Issues : News

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, whether in life or in the workplace. But they all have one thing in common: they dont see themselves as heroes.

Tags it without hero workplace

How to watch the 2020 SAG Awards on TNT or TBS live without cable

2020-01-19 14:05:57| Fast Company

The 26th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards are happening tonight in Los Angeles. Here’s how you can stream them live without cable. After the Golden Globes and the Critics’ Choice Awards, Hollywood is gearing up for its third Sunday awards show in a row. This time around it’s the 26th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, presented by SAG-AFTRA, which honors the best and brightest movie and TV performances of the past year.Read Full Story

Tags without live watch awards


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