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Tag: amd

Intel and NVIDIA Cut Prices to Beat Back AMD

2020-01-18 14:20:00| Fool.com Headlines

The resurgent chip company is putting pressure on the market leaders.

Tags back prices cut beat

The 3 Bets Every AMD Investor Is Really Making Now

2020-01-12 23:00:00| Fool.com Headlines

They're calling it a growth story, but the growth they're eyeing is already priced in.

Tags now making really investor

AMD Could Gain on Intel Even More This Year, Thanks to Apple

2020-01-10 16:04:00| Fool.com Headlines

Apple's move to a new platform for its next-generation iPhone could give AMD a nice boost against Chipzilla.

Tags to year thanks gain

AMD vs Intel: CPUs at CES

2020-01-09 14:00:00| Engadget

Aside from a few laptop launches, recently CES hasn't brought much computer news. AMD seems intent on changing that, launching the Radeon VII last year, and this year announcing a slate of new mobile processors. While AMD's chips may be changing...

Tags ces intel amd cpus

AMD Goes After Intel's Laptop Empire With Ryzen 4000 Mobile

2020-01-08 13:30:00| Fool.com Headlines

Can the new chips, featuring its latest technology and a cutting-edge manufacturing process, help Advanced Micro Devices repeat its recent desktop-market success?

Tags mobile laptop empire amd


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