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Marketing and Advertising

2021-12-01 13:38:14| digg

"If you've been watching Fox News, you know that the real enemy isn't the virus or the 'do my own research' geniuses who refuse to get the vaccine," said Kimmel. "The real enemy is Dr. Fauci."

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2021-12-01 13:28:09| digg

The year is almost over, but things are heating up over at Netflix, which is bringing a string of new movies and television in December.

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2021-12-01 13:15:31| Engadget

DJIs newest, technically impressive (and expensive) drone is here. It addresses issues with visual quality, short flight time and a simplified flying experience. Judging by Associate Editor Steve Dents review, its an incredible drone, even if some features were missing at launch. The Mavic 3 is peerless when it comes to image quality so that speaks to who its aimed at. Its definitely not for the beginner drone dilettante, like me. Read our full review here and make sure to watch our (gorgeous) review, too. Mat SmithBethesda shows off more 'Starfield' Take a look at some concept art and footage from the sci-fi RPG.Theres still roughly a year to go before Starfield launches on PC and Xbox Series X/S, but Bethesda has released a seven-minute Into the Starfield: The Endless Pursuit featurette to show off a lot of concept art and work-in-progress assets. Game director Todd Howard also offered a tease. He said Starfield has "two step-out moments." Many other games typically only have one of those, in which the player sees the expanse of an open-world environment for the first time. Expect a leap from a planet to a galaxy to a universe. Or maybe time travel. I dont know, OK?Continue readingSponsored by CISCO2021 Security Outcomes Study for Small BusinessesRussia may press criminal charges in 2018 ISS pressure leak incident'These attacks are false and lack any credibility,' said NASA Administrator Bill Nelson.In 2018, astronauts aboard the International Space Station plugged a 2mm "hole" in a Soyuz MS-09 vehicle that had docked with the station. While the pressure leak never posed an immediate threat to those aboard, it prompted Russia to open an investigation to find out if the incident was the result of sabotage.Roscosmos, the countrys space agency, recently completed its probe of the event and sent the results to Russian law enforcement officials, opening the door for them to announce criminal charges.Continue reading.BMW M's second standalone model is the Concept XM plug-in hybridThe Concept XM is the most powerful BMW M car to go into production.BMWBMW M, the famous automaker's subsidiary in charge of high-performance vehicles, has introduced its second standalone model, over 40 years after the M1 was first sold to the public. The new vehicle is a plug-in hybrid model called the Concept XM, and it's apparently the most powerful BMW M car to ever go into series production. It will use the company's newly developed M Hybrid drive system that combines a V8 engine with a high-performance electric motor. That will give the vehicle an all-electric range of 80km (50 miles). The series production version of the vehicle the BMW XM will start production by the end of 2022.Continue reading.Patient receives the world's first fully 3D-printed prosthetic eyeIt used a 3D scan of the eye socket and color-calibrated photo of the healthy eye.NHSA patient has been fitted with a highly realistic 3D printed prosthetic eye for the first time ever. Steve Verze received the high-tech version as a permanent replacement for his traditional prosthetic eye. "It makes me feel more and more confident," he told On Demand News. "If I can't spot the difference, I know other people won't spot the difference."Previously, doctors would need to make a mold of the eye socket, but this new process involves a non-invasive 2.4-second scan using a specially modified ophthalmic scanner that delivers a precise measurement of the eye socket. That data combines with a color-calibrated image of the healthy eye, which is then replicated in a 3D print model. Verze's prosthetic is a precursor to a forthcoming clinical trial that will evaluate the effectiveness of 3D printed eyes vs. traditional, handmade eyes.Continue reading.Record-breaking Twitch streamer Ludwig Ahgren is moving to YouTubeHe's following other prominent streamers like CourageJD, TimTheTatMan and DrLupo.YouTube Gaming continues to poach Twitch talent, and the latest to defect is "Ludwig" Ahgren. Ludwig is best known for his marathon streaming session that allowed him to break the Twitch all-time subscriber record held by Ninja, eventually hitting 283,066 all-time active subs.Ludwig broke the news in a Twitter video that showed him driving with his manager "Slime" in a purple car, which explodes after they get out. He then jumps into a red model, driving home the point that he's leaving team purple for team red. Twitchs color scheme is purple, while YouTubes is, yes, red.Continue reading.UK competition regulator orders Meta to sell GiphyIt found the deal 'could harm social media users and UK advertisers.'As rumored earlier this week, the UK's Competition and Marets Authority (CMA) has ordered Meta (Facebook) to sell Giphy, saying the deal "could harm social media users and UK advertisers." It found the deal would boost Meta's already prodigious market power by limiting other platforms' access to Giphys catalog of GIFs, "driving more traffic to Facebook-owned sites Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.""We disagree with this decision. We are reviewing the decision and considering all options, including appeal. Both consumers and Giphy are better off with the support of our infrastructure, talent and resource," a Meta spokesperson told Engadget.Continue reading.Three Google workers sue over alleged violations of 'don't be evil' mottoThe former employees said the company's policy was binding.Former Google engineers Paul Duke, Rebecca Rivers and Sophie Waldman have sued the company for allegedly violating the "don't be evil" segment of the company's code of conduct. They claim Google fired them for organizing worker opposition to controversial projects, like working with the Trump-era Customs and Border Protection. The lawsuit won't necessarily lead to stiff penalties. Google has already settled with Berland over his departure.Continue reading.  The biggest news stories you might have missedFormula E says third-gen vehicle will be the world's most efficient race carCell-based living robots can reproduce themselvesTwitter bans sharing 'private' images and videos without consentJack Dorsey took on Twitter's biggest problems but leaves plenty of challenges for his successorAmazon ordered to rerun contentious Alabama union electionEngadget Deals: Samsung's Galaxy Watch Active 2 drops to an all-time low of $149

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2021-12-01 12:38:26| Engadget

Microsoft's shareholders have forced the tech giant to write up an annual report that would detail how it handles sexual harassment cases within the company. Investors voted in favor of passing a proposal requesting the annual report at their recent meeting despite the company's recommendation that they vote against it. According to The Wall Street Journal, Microsoft has been planning to disclose how it implements sexual harassment and gender discrimination policies even before the vote took place. However, the company didn't want to reveal independent investigations into its executives, including the probe into Bill Gates. One of the proposal's key requests is the disclosure of executive-level investigations. Following the news that Bill and Melinda Gates were having a divorce, reports came out accusing the former of questionable behavior. The Microsoft co-founder allegedly pursued women who worked for him at the tech giant and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In 2019, Microsoft's board of directors opened an investigation after discovering that he had an affair with an employee around 20 years ago. The greater transparency around sexual harassment in the company was proposed by financial services provider Arjuna Capital. Natasha Lamb, a portfolio manager at Arjuna, said during the meeting that the investor is "concerned about Microsoft's alleged continued culture of workplace sexual harassment and its history of unfulfilled previous commitments to resolve it." Arjuna said the reports about the probe into Gates' affair and behavior that came out earlier this year "put into question whether Microsoft was maintaining and protecting a culture of sexual harassment, especially seeing how Bill Gates was protected around this issue by the board."Despite advising against voting for the proposal, Microsoft will take steps to comply with it. Company President Brad Smith said Microsoft will bring in a third party to assess its investigations and will share what those assessments contain. He also gave a taste of what the annual reports would include: Apparently, the tech giant received 51 complaints from employees in the fiscal year ending in June, and 47 percent of them were substantiated. The year before that, it received 142 complaints.

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2021-12-01 11:10:40| Engadget

As he showed with the Flamethrower, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has a knack for selling weird gadgets that often have little to do with the company's main business. The latest example is a $50 "Cyberwhistle," a collectible whistle in the form of Tesla's Cybertruck, and it's already sold out.Blow the whistle on Tesla!https://t.co/c86hLA0iQK Elon Musk (@elonmusk) December 1, 2021$50 is a lot for a whistle, though it is a nice-looking whistle that at least has some relation to Tesla unlike the Boring Co.'s Not a Flamethrower. "Inspired by Cybertruck, the limited-edition Cyberwhistle is a premium collectible made from medical-grade stainless steel with a polished finish. The whistle includes an integrated attachment feature for added versatility," the description states. I imagine it takes a bit of time to design a truck-shaped whistle, so it's likely that Tesla has been planning to sell it for awhile as a temporary product much like the $1,500 Tesla-branded surfboard. Musk might have seen the $19 Apple Cloth, though, and sensed a solid marketing angle. "Don't waste your money on that silly Apple Cloth, buy our whistle instead," he tweeted. It appears to have worked, as the Cyberwhistle sold out just hours after going on sale. It looks like Tesla will restock it at some point, though, according to the Tesla store description. As for the Cybertruck itself, Tesla supposedly has over a million reservations, but its release was quietly delayed to 2022.

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2021-12-01 10:07:34| Engadget

HTC has rolled out a firmware update for the latest standalone Vive Focus that greatly improves its hand-tracking capabilities. The company says firmware version 3.0.999.284 significantly improves the feature's performance, stability and accuracy. HTC's Vive Focus 3 launched with hand tracking back in July, allowing users to use their hands as controllers. With this software engine upgrade, HTC says the headset will be able to track fast hand movements more easily and recognize pinch-to-zoom gestures more accurately. Since the company opened the feature to developers, these improvements would translate to better hand tracking within applications. Developers can integrate the headset's six current predefined hand gestures into their VR apps, and HTC previously said that additional gestures will be added in the future. HTC said in its announcement:"Being able to navigate virtual environments naturally and intuitively will go a long way towards making VR more accessible to everyone, no matter their familiarity with technology. As we step into the metaverse era, we couldnt be more excited to bring these quality-of-life improvements to all VIVE Focus 3 customers around the world."When the manufacturer launched the Vive Focus 3 back in July, we found it to be the best standalone VR headset yet. It's not a direct competitor to the Quest 2, however, seeing as it costs $1,300. Unlike the Oculus (now Meta) headset, it targets business users and not ordinary consumers who want to enjoy VR experiences in their own home. 

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2021-12-01 07:06:11| Engadget

VCV Rack 2 has arrived, and it could help you figure out if modular synthesis is something you can get into before blowing a fortune on it. The original app dropped in 2017, giving you access to thousands of virtual modules that let you try Eurorack for free. This upgraded app comes with a completely redesigned user interface with a dark room mode and a much better module browser than its predecessor. VCV has a library of almost 2,700 modules, and the new browser will make them easier to sort with its category filters and the capability to highlight the modules you use the most.While the app itself is still free to download and use, there's now a Pro version that includes a VST plugin for full integration into the digital audio workstation of your choice. That means you'll be able to use VCV Rack within Ableton, Logic or even GarageBand. The Pro tier also comes with professional support and the promise of more plugin formats in the future. Rack 2's paid version will set you back $99 until 2022, though you can also get it bundled with VCV Drums and VCV Sound Stage for $209. You can get both paid and free VCV Rack 2 versions right now from its official page.

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2021-12-01 01:05:10| Engadget

Twitch is introducing a new machine learning feature to help streamers protect their channels from people attempting to avoid bans. Dubbed "Suspicious User Detection," the tool will automatically flag individuals it suspects may be "likely" or "possible" ban dodgers.In cases involving the former, Twitch will prevent any messages they send from showing up in chat. It will also identify those individuals for streamers and any mods helping them with their channel. At that point, they can decide if they want to ban that person. By default, possible repeat trolls can send messages in chat, but they too will be flagged by the system. Additionally, Twitch says creators have the option to prevent them from sending any messages in the first place.Twitch"The tool is powered by a machine learning model that takes a number of signals into account including, but not limited to, the user's behavior and account characteristics and compares that data against accounts previously banned from a Creator's channel to assess the likelihood the account is evading a previous channel-level ban," a Twitch spokesperson told Engadget when we asked about the signals the system uses to detect potential offenders.While Twitch plans to turn on Suspicious User Detection for everyone, the tool won't automatically ban users for streamers. That's by design because it's impossible to create a machine learning tool that is 100 percent accurate in every context. "You're the expert when it comes to your community, and you should make the final call on who can participate," the company said in a blog post. "The tool will learn from the actions you take and the accuracy of its predictions should improve over time as a result."The introduction of the tool follows a summer in which Twitch struggled to contain a phenomenon called "hate raids." The attacks saw malicious individuals use thousands of bots to spam channels with hateful language. In many cases, they targeted creators from marginalized communities. Hate raids became such a frequent feature of the platform that some creators walked away from Twitch for a day in protest of the company's lack of action.

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2021-12-01 00:56:49| digg

This comes after new documents released this week indicated that the anchor was more intimately involved than previously known in helping his brother, former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, craft a defense amid a flurry of sexual misconduct allegations.

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2021-12-01 00:55:03| digg

"You just have to accept that Wes is right."

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