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2023-05-23 11:27:56| Engadget

HBO Max is completing its transformation into Warner Bros. Discovery's "Max" streaming service today, and it's launching with a new tier especially made for 4K ultra HD viewing. The Ultimate Ad-Free tier will set you back $20 a month or $200 if you're paying for a whole year, making it the service's most expensive subscription option yet. A subscription will give you access to over 1,000 4K movies and TV show episodes, which is nearly eight times more than previously available 4K content. It will also give you the ability to stream on up to four devices at the same time and to store up to 100 offline downloads.Ultimate Ad-Free's arrival, however, could spell the end of 4K availability for regular ad-free subscribers. While Warner Bros. didn't say it outright, the company included a line in its announcement to reveal that "existing HBO Max subscribers will still have access to their current plan features for a minimum of six months following launch." We've asked the company for clarification. To note, Warner Bros. raised its subscription prices in January, so you now have to pay $16 a month for the ad-free tier and $10 for the ad-supported one. For the Ultimate Ad-Free tier, Dolby Atmos and Vision will also be available for select content and devices. The company plans to keep growing its 4K library every month going forward, but for now, the ultra HD shows and movies you can stream with a subscription include Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon,The Last of Us, the Harry Potter movies, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Dark Knight trilogy and The Matrix films. Further, all Warner Bros. movies released this year and in the future will be added to the tier's 4K library when they arrive on Max.This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/warner-bros-max-streaming-service-launches-with-new-20-4k-tier-092756959.html?src=rss

Category: Marketing and Advertising

2023-05-23 10:40:03| Engadget

Dyson's first robot vacuum, the 360 Eye, was not a great success in the US as it was quickly pulled from the market shortly after it went on sale. Now, the UK company is trying again with the 360 Vis Nav robovac, which just launched in Australia and is expected to come to the US later this year. While it lacks features like self-emptying, Dyson is promising "twice the suction" of any other robot vacuum, a new vision/navigation system and more. The motor speed has increased from 78,000 RPM on the last model to 110,000, which supposedly delivers six times the suction of other robot vacuums. It also offers a "triple-action" brush bar that allows for optimal cleaning on different surfaces. Namely, it uses soft nylon for hard floors, anti-static carbon fiber filaments for fine dust, and stiff nylon bristles for carpet. The 360 Vis Nav has a top-mounted fish-eye lens and looks for recognizable landmarks to navigate its way around using SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) tech. It promises better low-light performance than the last model by using eight LEDs around the lens to better spot landmarks, particularly in dark locations like underneath your couch. It also uses 26 sensors to detect obstacles so it won't get stuck in tight spots like under a chair. DysonPerhaps the niftiest feature is an arm that pops out when the 360 Vis Nav is cleaning against a wall. It gets right to the edge and redirects suction, picking up dirt that eludes most robovacs and ensuring you don't need to finish the job with a hand vacuum. With all that suction power comes a bit less battery life than other models, however. It can clean for 50 minutes before automatically going back to the dock to charge, but it does pick up right where it left off when charging finishes. You can schedule and monitor cleaning using Dyson's app, and it will clean more efficiently over time as it creates dust maps of your home. There's no word on pricing or US availability yet, but the 360 Vis Nav just launched in Australia for $AUD 2,399 (about $1,590), considerably more than the 360 Eye was at launch. DysonAlong with the 360 Vis Nav, Dyson launched the latest versions of its famous cordless vacuums, the Gen5detect and Gen5outsize. Using the fifth generation of Dyson's Hyperdymium motors, they're "smaller, faster and more powerful" than past models and even capable of "capturing viruses from your home," Dyson promised. DysonMeanwhile, the Dyson Submarine is the company's first ever wet vacuum cleaner. It has a wet roller head that attaches to the new V15s Detect Submarine and V12s Slim submarine vacuums (but not any older models). It can not only remove dust and stains from hard floors, but even handle spills like ketchup. Finally, Dyson has introduced the Big+quiet Formaldehyde, a new air purifier designed for large homes. It can purify air over a 32 foot range, removing pollutants (including formaldehyde, of course), dust and more. Again, there's no word yet on US pricing or availability. DysonThis article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/dyson-says-its-360-vis-nav-has-twice-the-suction-of-any-other-robot-vacuum-084003155.html?src=rss

Category: Marketing and Advertising

2023-05-23 10:11:18| Engadget

Rumors have been swirling around Abletons Push 3 for years. Arguably the best hardware controller for one of (if not the) most popular DAWs (digital audio workstation), the Push 2, was released in 2015. And nearly eight years later its still head and shoulders above much of the competition. But there are some modern amenities that its lacking. And Native Instruments changed the game in 2020 when it released the Machine+, a controller for its desktop suite that could also function as a standalone music production box thanks to an Intel Atom CPU and 4GB of RAM.Considering the long lead times required for product development, its safe to assume that Ableton was already hard at work on its new controller when Maschine+ was announced. But Id also venture to guess that the company watched the reaction to Native Instruments box closely and tweaked its plans accordingly.The result is the Ableton Push not Push 3, not Push+ just Push. And it makes a hell of a first impression. It comes in two configurations, a basic controller for $999 and with a processor for $1999. With a processor it can function as a fully standalone instrument, like the Maschine+. But it still also offers tight integration with Ableton Live 11 when connected to a computer. It has 64 MPE enabled pads, that pair perfectly with Lives latest updates. It has a built-in battery for truly untethered creation. And, in a pleasant surprise, even if you stick with the controller only variant to start, youll be able to upgrade it with a DIY kit later this year for full standalone operation.Photo by Terrence O'Brien / EngadgetBut lets start with the hardware. Physically the new Push and the Push 2 are very similar. Theyre both hulking black slabs that seem like they were ripped out of the control panel of an alien spaceship. The screen appears to be exactly the same. And thats not a bad thing. Its a large, reasonably high resolution LCD with excellent viewing angles. It refreshes fast enough that you actually watch your MIDI notes scroll by in real time as you record them. The UI itself is simple and intuitive but attractive. Theres no unnecessary graphics or anything, just clean lines and text.The knobs, buttons and pads all feel great. One of the new additions to the controls is a large jog wheel to the right of the screen that is a delight. Its reminiscent of the one on Polyends Tracker, but more noticeable detents. (Another fun feature Push borrows from Tracker is auto generated project names, which comes in handy.) And the pads. Well. Theyre the first Ive encountered that truly give Akais a run for their money. I think I still have a slight preference for the feel of an MPCs larger pads but, those arent MPE capable so, Ableton wins? My only complaint about the hardware really is that the pads might be too sensitive. But that can easily be fixed by going into the settings. Which you should probably do anyway to tweak the responsiveness to your liking since MPE can be fickle and unforgiving at times.Photo by Terrence O'Brien / EngadgetAround back youll notice youll find a bunch of new connections too. Theres USB-C for connecting to a computer to control Live, a 12v DC connector, and two jacks for connecting sustain pedals just like on a Push 2. But those pedal jacks can also send CV now, so you can control modular gear. Theres also a USB-A port for connecting class compliant MIDI controllers, so if pads arent your thing you can connect a keyboard, or play one instrument with the keyboard while knocking out drum tracks on the Push directly. Youll also find MIDI in and out ports.More importantly, there are two audio ins and two audio outs, plus a headphone jack and two ADAT jacks for connecting to other audio gear. See, the new Push even without a processor in it is also an audio interface. Granted it only has jacks (switchable between balanced and unbalanced), so not ideal if youre recording vocals and need an XLR jack with phantom power. But if youve got another audio interface already with ADAT you can connect it to the Push and then suddenly youve got eight or 12 or however many inputs to work with. It is truly capable of being the centerpiece of a recording studio now.Photo by Terrence O'Brien / EngadgetIf you opt for the Push with a processor youll find an 11th Core i3 inside, with 8GB of RAM and a 256GB hard drive. That might not sound like much, but its plenty of power to handle most audio processing, especially without the overhead of trying to handle a windowing system and security software and those 16 Firefox tabs you havent closed in about three months. In fact, I noticed far less latency working with live audio on the Push directly than I do on my XPS 15 with a 8th gen Core i7 CPU, 32GB of RAM and a second generation Focusrite Scarlett interface. If youre concerned about your $2,000 MIDI controller / groovebox becoming obsolete though, Ableton says it expects to make processor upgrades available in the future.That Intel NUC Compute Element does chew through the battery pretty quickly, though. Ableton estimates that Push can get two to two-and-a-half hours out of the battery, which lines up with my anecdotal experience so far. The Push is kinda big and heavy at 8.7 pounds, I wouldnt exactly call it portable. But its actually been great to sit down on my couch at night, after the kids go to bed and chip away at this review without an elaborate setup or being tied to an outlet.Photo by Terrence O'Brien / EngadgetHardware is all well and good, but what is really going to make or break the experience here is the software and, well, so far so good. A few intriguing things to note at the top, the Push is running Linux. Which means that, technically, Ableton Live 11 has been ported to Linux. I dont think you should get your hopes up about an official port being made available for that Mint box youve been building, though. Ive also been told that VST support on Push is technically possible, though obviously that would require getting developers on board and converting their plugins.There is one way of getting third party instruments on Push though Max for Live, a development platform inside the DAW. Support for Max is hge as it can really open the possibilities of the Push as a standalone instrument. Ableton even recently released a pack of building blocks and tutorials to encourage people to build their own Max for Live devices. And theres companies like Fors that build incredible commercial products that run on Max. Support right now can be spotty since the controls need to be properly mapped for Push. And even some of Abletons own Max devices like the Inspired by Nature series dont work properly at the moment.Photo by Terrence O'Brien / EngadgetBut dont worry, Abletons built-in devices are excellent. And while I might be sad not having access to my favorite softsynth in standalone mode, you can easily build a complete and highly polished track using nothing but the default Live instruments and effects. But if you do need more variety, you can install Ableton sound packs directly over wifi. You can also drag over your own sample library using the Continuity feature in Live 11. Youll see Push showup in the sidebar when connected to the same wifi network. Though, oddly, you cant transfer over USB.In addition to dragging over samples you can pull over presets, collections and favorites. I highly recommend, by the way, that you use the Collections in Ableton to organize your goto sounds, effects, et cetera. While the jog wheel is certainly an improvement, it can still be a bit of a slog navigating through long lists of presets and samples. Organization not my strong suit is clearly key to getting the most out of Push as a standalone instrument.One incredible feature of continuity though, is being able to connect to your Push and pull a project you started in standalone mode into the desktop app for final arrangement. Which is kind of essentially because, while Push seems great for jamming, live performance and sketching out ideas, you cant do fine tuned arrangement editing or mix down to audio.Photo by Terrence O'Brien / EngadgetObviously the price is going to be an issue, though. The standalone configuration costs $1,999, while the controller only variant will set you back $999. The DIY upgrade kit is expected to ship later this year for $1,049. That's a lot for a MIDI controller, even one as nice as this. And while I'm fairly certain there aren't any DAWs in a box as powerful as what Ableton has put together, they're also not nearly as expensive. Even Maschine+ is only $1,199. Ive only had Push for about a week and am still coming to grips with the workflow. So this is really more of an extended hands-on than a full review. While Ableton is my DAW of choice and I own a Push 1, the differences are significant. Plus there are still some software kinks to iron out. Ive encountered a handful of bugs, especially when trying to edit MIDI notes in the piano roll. And once the entire unit froze up on me. But the Push is currently running prerelease firmware and requires a beta version of Live 11 to take advantage of Continuity. I plan to continue testing Push and revisit it for a longterm review.This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/the-new-ableton-push-is-an-mpe-enabled-standalone-music-production-powerhouse-081118260.html?src=rss

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2023-05-23 08:32:24| TRENDWATCHING.COM


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2023-05-23 07:17:53| Engadget

We were enamored with the Kindle Scribe when we reviewed it, but we weren't blind to its shortcomings, including its limited editing capabilities. Now, Amazon has rolled out an update for the device, which solves some of the issues we had with it and makes it a much better option for note-taking. One of the new features is the ability to write directly on page. It's still not available for every book, but the Kindle Store on the Scribe now has a new section called "Write-on Books" where you can find titles that support the feature. At the moment, the selection of books with direct on-page writing is mostly made up of guided journals, as well as games like crossword and sudoku. In other words, books that don't make sense on a device where writing on them is not supported. If you're checking out titles on a laptop or a phone, you can also see if they support the feature by looking for "On-page writing" under their product details section. For books that don't support on-page writing, you'll still have to create a sticky note and write within a designated rectangle. You'll have to keep your fingers crossed for the ability to doodle and take notes on the margin of a book if that's something you've been wishing for. If you want to share or upload notes you've written on the Scribe, the update also gives you the capability to easily convert them to text. You'll find a new option that reads "Convert to text and quick send" in the share menu and another that says "Convert to text and email." Both options share your handwritten notebooks as a .txt file, but for the latter, you'll be given the the chance to review and edit the converted text before sharing them via email to five addresses. There's also a new lasso select tool to move your notes and doodles around. You simply have to circle your handwritten text or drawings with it to resize them, drag them to another location or to cut, copy and paste them within a sticky note, a notebook or a PDF. Speaking of PDFs, files with the format uploaded through Send to Kindle are now more customizable. You can crop their margins to make their text easier to read, select text to highlight it and add text notes. You'll now also be able to look up the definitions, translations and Wikipedia results for text found in PDF files, as well as switch between portrait and landscape view. These features will roll out to all Kindle Scribes in the coming weeks, but you can manually download the latest software update to get them right now. This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/amazons-kindle-scribe-updates-include-support-for-direct-on-page-writing-051753157.html?src=rss

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2023-05-22 23:07:25| Engadget

BMW announced new EVs today as part of its summer 2023 lineup. The new models include the i4 xDrive 40 (an all-wheel-drive variant of the i4), the single-motor i7 eDrive50 and the hybrid 750e xDrive. In addition, the automaker revealed an updated infotainment operating system for some models.The 2024 i4 xDrive40 is an all-wheel-drive, 396-horsepower variant of the popular Gran Coupe. The all-electric vehicle has dual motors that provide an estimated 307-mile range using the standard 18-inch tires (it drops to about 282 miles with optional 19-inch wheels.) In addition, the EV can accelerate from zero to 60 in 4.9 seconds. The i4 xDrive40 will start at $61,600 with an added $995 destination fee. BMW expects US-based deliveries to begin in the third quarter of 2023.Meanwhile, the rear-wheel-drive i7 eDrive50 is powered by a single GEN5 motor, supplying 449 horsepower. BMW will announce range and performance details closer to market launch this fall, but we know the model will start at $105,700 (plus destination fee). Finally, the 750e xDrive combines a 308-horsepower six-cylinder internal combustion engine with a 194-horsepower electric motor. It also offers 483 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque. In addition, the plug-in hybrids purely electric range is rated at 35 miles. The 750e xDrive will start at $107,000 and the same $995 destination fee. It also launches in the US this fall.BMWThe automaker is updating its infotainment operating system in certain models. BMW Operating System 8.5 gives the home screen clearly arranged functions designed to work better on the companys curved display. Ridding itself of sub-menus, it uses a zero-layer principle that keeps all relevant controls and information on a single level, using widgets arranged vertically on the drivers side. In addition, it includes symbols to quick-access the climate control menu, app library, navigation and Apple CarPlay / Android Auto.This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/bmw-reveals-three-new-evs-for-its-summer-2023-lineup-210725344.html?src=rss

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2023-05-22 22:35:03| Engadget

Xbox games will hit cloud gaming platform Boosteroid for the first time next week. Users of the platform will be able to access Deathloop, Gears 5, Grounded and Pentiment starting on June 1st.Boosteroid users in the US, UK, European Union and Ukraine will be able to stream eligible Microsoft-owned games that they buy from Steam or the Epic Games Store. Support for Microsoft Store purchases and other titles is on the way. "Well regularly add more hits and fan favorites from our extensive catalog of PC games," Sarah Bond, corporate vice president at Xbox, wrote in a blog post.This will make Boosteroid the second external cloud service where Microsoft will make its games available (Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can stream all these titles via Xbox Cloud Gaming as well). NVIDIA GeForce Now users have been able to stream Gears 5 since May 18th. Deathloop, Grounded and Pentiment will land on GeForce Now later this week.Microsoft signed 10-year deals with NVIDIA, Boosteroid and other cloud gaming providers to offer those platforms access to Xbox and Bethesda games, as well as PC versions of Activision Blizzard titles if its attempted acquisition of that company goes through. It struck those agreements to try and persuade regulators to approve the $68.7 billion deal.While the acquisition has been rubberstamped in dozens of territories, most recently China, cloud gaming has been a sticking point for regulators in some countries. The UK's competition watchdog blocked the deal, claiming it would strengthen Microsoft's leading position in the nascent cloud gaming market. The US Federal Trade Commission cited concerns about cloud gaming (and other factors) in the lawsuit it filed in an attempt to block the merger. On the flip side, Microsoft's cloud gaming concessions have placated European Union officials, who gave the deal the green light last week.This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/xbox-games-will-hit-cloud-gaming-service-boosteroid-for-the-first-time-in-june-203503259.html?src=rss

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2023-05-22 22:06:42| Engadget

TikTok filed a lawsuit on Monday in the U.S. District Court of Montana to challenge the states ban of the social platform, as reported byThe Wall Street Journal. The case was brought against the state Attorney General Austin Knudsen.Montanas governor signed the bill into law last week, just one month after it passed through the state legislature. It was met with immediate pushback a group of creators quickly sued the state, calling the law unconstitutional. Now TikTok is suing the state directly with similar claims, stating in the lawsuit that Montanas law violates the First Amendment. Montana's ban abridges freedom of speech in violation of the First Amendment, violates the U.S. Constitution in multiple other respects, and is preempted by federal law, the lawsuit reads.We are challenging Montanas unconstitutional TikTok ban to protect our business and the hundreds of thousands of TikTok users in Montana. We believe our legal challenge will prevail based on an exceedingly strong set of precedents and facts. TikTokComms (@TikTokComms) May 22, 2023The law prohibits the ByteDance-owned platform from operating in the state, as well as preventing Apples and Googles app stores from listing the TikTok app for download. Although it isn't clear how Montana plans to enforce the ban, it states that violations will tally fines of $10,000 per day. However, individual TikTok users wont be charged. You can read the full TikTok vs. Montana suit here (viaNPR).This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/tiktok-is-suing-montana-over-law-banning-the-app-in-the-state-200642508.html?src=rss

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2023-05-22 19:39:00| Engadget

Multiple Twitter users are reporting that deleted tweets are reappearing on the site at an alarming rate, with one security expert noting that the social media app restored a whopping 34,000 messages, as reported by ZDNET. The bug also seems to be impacting deleted retweets.The issue appears to be widespread, but all of the datas anecdotal. It seems to mostly impact those who batch-deleted tweets via a third-party service like Redact or TweetDelete, though not always. In any event, check your feed for the reappearance of that tasteless Harambe tweet you wrote and then deleted back in 2016.This is a trivial issue for many, but does speak to how the company handles and protects your private data. A former Twitter Site Reliability Engineer suggested on Mastodon that it sounds a lot like they moved a bunch of servers between data centers and didnt properly adjust the topology before reinserting them into the network. Theres no way to find out anything official because Elon Musk disbanded the press team, replacing the press line with a bot that returns only poop emojis. In any event, well update this story if the company issues a statement of any kind that addresses the issue.This has been a bizarre few months for the social media platform. The city of San Francisco launched a probe into potential building code violations and the sites been plagued with technical issues. All of this has led to a stark decline in usage numbers, with competitors waiting in the wings to scoop up those fleeing the service.This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/twitter-bug-seems-to-be-randomly-restoring-deleted-tweets-173900330.html?src=rss

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2023-05-22 18:30:29| Engadget

Amazons palm payment technology is moving from the world of convenience food to a booze-soaked baseball field. The company just announced that the Amazon One identification system is being implemented at Denvers Coors Field, home of the Colorado Rockies Major League Baseball franchise, allowing customers to buy beer and hard alcohol with their palms.This lets you stroll right into the fields SandLot Brewery or Coors Light Silver Bullet Bar and order up some of the good stuff without having to waste precious moments digging through your pockets to find that dang ID. Over the course of an entire game, this could save 20 to 30 seconds, depending on how thirsty you are.Of course, you have to be enrolled in the companys biometric Amazon One service. The web giants setting up kiosks at the field for quick signups, but you need your ID, your Amazon sign-in information and you have to take a selfie. Once enrolled, however, just hover your palm over the reader and the bartender will know you are above 21 and ready to gulp. The system isnt just for age verification, as it also lets you pay with your palm.Its not the easiest task in the world to grab a beer at a major sporting event, so this could be a useful bit of tech, if youre willing to give Amazon even more access to your private life. The company hasnt been the most reliable collector of biometrics, facing lawsuits in multiple states for violating biometric privacy laws. If you still want to give this a try and are nowhere near Colorado, Amazon One palm-scanning technology is also available at many Amazon-owned Whole Foods locations.This article originally appeared on Engadget at https://www.engadget.com/you-can-now-use-amazons-palm-reading-tech-to-buy-alcohol-163029654.html?src=rss

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