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Marketing and Advertising

2022-01-12 22:08:36| digg

Immortalize a couple's photo or adorable pet photo in this incredible crystal keepsake.

Category: Marketing and Advertising

2022-01-12 22:01:29| digg

All 60 suckers who plopped down nearly $4 million are affected by the recall.

Category: Marketing and Advertising

2022-01-12 21:48:30| digg

YouTuber Roomie tries his hand at slap bass and gets a flash lesson from Josh Moreau, a bassist for Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and a whole bunch of other bands. His challenge is to learn the "Seinfeld" theme in less than two hours. How close can he get?

Category: Marketing and Advertising

2022-01-12 21:43:49| Engadget

The Federal Communications Commission is the next US regulator hoping to hold companies more accountable for data breaches. Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel has shared a rulemaking proposal that would introduce stricter requirements for data breach reporting. Most notably, the new rules would require notifications for customers affected by "inadvertent" breaches companies that leave data exposed would have to be just as communicative as victims of cyberattacks.The requirements would also scrap a mandatory one-week waiting period for notifying customers. Carriers, meanwhile, would have to disclose reportable breaches to the FCC in addition to the FBI and Secret Service.Rosenworcel argued the tougher rules were necessary to account for the "evolving nature" of breaches and the risks they posed to victims. People ought to be protected against larger and more frequent incidents, the FCC chair said that is, regulations need to catch up with reality.The FCC didn't say when the proposal might come up for a vote, although the FCC's next open meeting is slated for January 27th. There's no guarantee the Commission will greenlight the new requirements. It won't be surprising if the rulemaking moves forward, however. While companies are now more likely to disclose breaches, there have been multiple high-profile incidents where those firms took too long to alert customers or didn't notify them at all. The new measures could cut that wait time, giving people a better chance of securing their data and preventing fraud.

Category: Marketing and Advertising

2022-01-12 21:12:04| digg

Has reality caught up to the "Murder Police"?

Category: Marketing and Advertising

2022-01-12 21:11:58| Engadget

Apple has released iOS 15.2.1, its latest software update for recent iPhone and iPad devices. The patch addresses a vulnerability found within the companys HomeKit protocol for connecting disparate smart home devices. The bug allowed malicious individuals to force an iPhone or iPad to repeatedly crash and freeze by changing the name of a HomeKit-compatible device to include more than 500,000 characters. Since iOS backs up HomeKit device names to iCloud, it was possible for iOS users to get stuck in an endless loop of crashes.Security researcher Trevor Spiniolas discovered the vulnerability and publicly disclosed it on January 1st. According to Spiniolas, he informed Apple of the bug back in August. The company had reportedly planned to address the vulnerability before the end of 2022 but later delayed a fix to early 2022. I believe this bug is being handled inappropriately as it poses a serious risk to users and many months have passed without a comprehensive fix, Spiniolas said at the time.Spiniolas found that the vulnerability is present within Apples mobile operating system as far back as iOS 14.7, but said he believes it exists in all versions of iOS 14. In other words, if youve been holding off on installing iOS 15, now is the time to update your Apple devices.

Category: Marketing and Advertising

2022-01-12 21:09:06| digg

How CinemaSins has made us more cynical about the way we watch movies.

Category: Marketing and Advertising

2022-01-12 21:01:56| digg

Los Angeles Angels' Shohei Ohtani is great both a bat and a baseball, but what are his biggest creature comforts when he's off the field?

Category: Marketing and Advertising

2022-01-12 20:58:04| digg

YouTuber ReportOfTheWeek has a joie de vivre for fast food unlike anyone else so you have to really mess up to make him regret something. Unfortunately, KFC's Beyond Fried Chicken Nuggets has failed spectacularly.

Category: Marketing and Advertising

2022-01-12 20:47:37| digg

Experts want to end the spread of misinformation on Spotify because the platform currently has no fact-checking policy in place for its creators.

Category: Marketing and Advertising

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