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2022-05-21 23:23:26| Engadget

After two-and-a-half years of delays, Boeings Starliner capsule successfully docked with the International Space Station. It was an important milestone for a company that has, at least in the popular imagination, struggled to catch up with SpaceX. So its fitting how Boeing decided it would celebrate a successful mission.The seven-member Exp 67 crew gathers for a welcome ceremony in front of the hatch where the @BoeingSpace#Starliner docked on Friday evening. pic.twitter.com/AGfkAjWMbI International Space Station (@Space_Station) May 21, 2022When the crew of the ISS opened the hatch to Starliner, they found a surprise inside the spacecraft. Floating next to Orbital Flight Test-2s seated test dummy was a plush toy representing Jebediah Kerman, one of four original Kerbonauts featured in Kerbal Space Program. Jeb, as hes better known by the KSP community, served as the flights zero-g indicator. Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin took a small doll with him on the first-ever human spaceflight, and ever since it has become a tradition for most space crews to carry plush toys with them to make it easy to see when they've entered a microgravity environment.If youve ever played Kerbal Space Program, you have a sense of why it was so fitting Boeing decided to send Jeb to space. In KSP, designing spacecraft that will carry your Kerbonauts to orbit and beyond is no easy task. Often your initial designs will fall and crash as they struggle to fly free of Kerbins gravity. But you go back to the drawing board and tweak your designs until you find one that works. In a way, thats exactly what Boeings engineers had to do after Starliners first test flight in 2019 failed due to a software issue, and its second one was delayed following an unexpected valve problem.@BoeingSpace#Starliner passenger - Kerbal@nasa@NASA_Astronauts@astro_kjell@Astro_FarmerBob@AstroSamantha@astro_watkinspic.twitter.com/G8ueD7qkhh Serg.Korsakov (@SergKorsakov) May 21, 2022Boeing kept Jebs presence on OFT-2 secret until the spacecraft docked with the ISS. A spokesperson for the company told collectSPACE that Starliners engineering team chose the mascot in part because of the science, technology, engineering and math lessons KSP has to teach players. Jeb will spend the next few days with the crew of the ISS before they place him back in the spacecraft for its return trip to Earth.

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2022-05-21 21:51:07| Engadget

We knew going into the launch of Valves Steam DeckDIY repairs would be easier than most modern electronics. And now it looks like finding replacement parts wont be difficult either. On Friday evening, iFixit prematurely published a list of components it will offer for Valves handheld. The list revealed the company plans to sell spare parts for nearly every component found in Steam Deck, including replacement motherboards complete with the handhelds custom Aerith chipset from AMD.Earlier today we published some pages related to our upcoming parts launch with Valve. These went live earlier than we planned, so we ended up taking them down. If you did get a parts order in, we'll honor it. Stay tuned for the real launch soon! iFixit (@iFixit) May 21, 2022As The Verge points out, the company will even sell parts that could be considered upgrades. For instance, if you own the 64GB or 256GB model, you can buy the 512GB variant's display to get the anti-glare screen that comes on that version of the handheld. For any panel replacements, you can also spend an extra $5 to obtain a Fix Kit that comes with all the tools you need to complete a screen swap.One part iFixit wont sell immediately is replacement batteries. It will offer those at a later date. We dont have a solution for battery repairs on day one, but we are committed to working with Valve to maintain these devices as they age, iFixit CEO Kyle Wiens told The Verge. Battery replacements are going to be essential to making the Steam Deck stand the test of time.Other spare parts that wont be available on day one include replacements for the Steam Decks touchpads and face buttons. Most of the components are reasonably priced. For example, youll need to spend $20 to repair a broken thumbstick. The most expensive part on the list is a new motherboard, which will set you back $350. With a complete handheld from Valve starting at $400, it wont be economical to build your own Steam Deck with parts from iFixit, but for most repairs, the company will have you covered.  

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2022-05-21 21:46:09| digg

During a Friday performance on his "From Scratch" tour, comedian John Mulaney surprised his audience — and drew criticism from some fans — when Dave Chappelle appeared as the opener and...

Category: Marketing and Advertising

2022-05-21 21:12:07| digg

Televisions biggest stars answer nine questions about acting, breaking down their craft with candid anecdotes.

Category: Marketing and Advertising

2022-05-21 20:53:20| digg

Over the past two or three weeks there have been a lot of tomfoolery, shenanigans, foibles, oopsies, and hijinx in the sports world. We rounded up the best of the worst for you.

Category: Marketing and Advertising

2022-05-21 20:25:17| digg

Alt-rocker Cherie Westrich's journey may seem unusual, but given the strange political arc of her generation, it might not be.

Category: Marketing and Advertising

2022-05-21 20:21:12| digg

A Black doctor and her trainees risked their careers to accuse their school of systemic racism. It would be a diagnosis with no easy cure.

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2022-05-21 19:43:54| Engadget

Baymax!, the Disney+ sequel to 2014s Big Hero 6, will debut on June 29th. Disney shared the release date on Friday, alongside a new trailer showing the loveable healthcare robot from the film attempting to help the citizens of San Fransokyo. In each of our six episodes, Baymax just wants to help someoneand a lot of times they dont want to be helped, said creator Don Hall. He sets out to fix a physical issue that hes identified, and in the process, gets to a deeper, more emotional place and can be almost transformative in that role.Baymax! is the second Big Hero 6 sequel following Big Hero 6: The Series, a 2D animated show that ran for three seasons on the Disney Channel. The new series will feature the return of Scott Adsit, Ryan Potter and Maya Rudolph as the voices of Baymax, Hiro and Aunt Cass, respectively.

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2022-05-21 18:45:40| digg

The Cannes Film Festival was never quite the same after the cast of "Crash" showed up in 1996. Sorry David Cronenberg.

Category: Marketing and Advertising

2022-05-21 18:34:32| Engadget

Match Group, the parent company of Tinder and Hinge, claims it has won concessions from Google in its antitrust battle against the search giant. On Friday, Match withdrew a restraining order after the two sides came to a temporary agreement on in-app payments.Match filed the order against Google one day after it sued the company, alleging it had broken federal and state antitrust laws. At the center of the dispute is a policy change Google plans to implement next month. In the fall of 2020, the company clarified its stance on in-app payments, announcing it was moving toward requiring all Android developers to process payments involving digital goods and services through the Google Play Billing system. Following multiple extensions, developers have until June 1st to comply with the policy.Match, however, claims Google had previously assured the company that it could use its own payments system. The company also claims Google threatened to remove its apps from the Play Store if Match did not comply with the policy change by the upcoming deadline.Under their temporary agreement, Google will allow Match apps to remain on the Play Store and wont remove them for including alternate payment systems. Additionally, the search giant has agreed to make a good faith effort to address Match's concerns with Google Play Billing. Match, in turn, will make an effort to offer Googles billing system as an option to consumers.Lastly, instead of paying Google a commission on in-app purchases that occur outside of the companys payment system, Match is establishing a $40 million escrow fund. Starting July 1st, Match will keep track of fees it would have normally owed Google. The fund will stay in place until the two sides go to court next April.Following Matchs announcement, Google accused the company of publishing a misleading press release that mischaracterizes the terms of their agreement. "Match Groups claim that it can't integrate Plays billing system because it lacks key features contradicts the fact that Match Group has been proactively and successfully using Plays billing in more than 10 of its apps," Google said. The company added it would file a countersuit against Match for violating its Developer Distribution Agreement ahead of their 2023 trial.

Category: Marketing and Advertising

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