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2022-06-23 13:15:50| Engadget

The Food and Drug Administration is preparing to stop Juul from selling e-cigarette products in the US, and the decision could come soon, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.Along with other e-cigarette makers, Juul submitted its products to the FDA for review in 2020. The agency was looking into the possible benefits of vaping as an alternative to cigarettes, but the popularity of the products among young people has had the opposite result.Beyond the FDA, Juul has faced multiple lawsuits costing tens of millions of dollars over accusations of marketing to minors. In reaction to the news report yesterday, many vapers have apparently rushed to stock up on Juul supplies ahead of the possible sales ban. Mat SmithThe biggest stories you might have missedSlack adds video and multi-person screen sharing to huddles Polestar adds Apple CarPlay support to its EVsIKEAs latest AR app can erase your furniture to showcase its ownPCI Express 7 will be 8 times faster than PCI Express 5 Twitter invents the blog again with NotesGoogle News redesign puts a greater emphasis on local storiesMeta, Microsoft, Epic Games and others join forces to develop metaverse standardsAmazon employees in Maryland say they were fired for organizing workersResearchers built a low-cost camera system that recreates sound from vibrationsNothing's transparent Phone 1 won't be coming to the US The company has 'big plans to launch a US-supported smartphone in the future.'NothingNothing's debut transparent-shelled Phone 1 smartphone won't be coming to the US, the company confirmed to PCMag. "While wed love to bring Phone 1 to the entire community around the world, we're focusing on home markets, including the UK and Europe," the company said in a statement.Nothing hopes to make it big in America one day: "We have big plans to launch a US-supported smartphone in the future," the company added. The challenge could be lasting long enough to follow up its debut phone with another device. Its very hard to launch a new smartphone especially if youre a new company.Continue reading.MacBook Pro 13-inch review (M2, 2022)Pro in name only.EngadgetIts another weird new MacBook from Apple. The new M2 chip gives the MacBook Pro a nice performance boost, but its Retina Display lacks ProMotion and the thin bezels wed expect from a computer today. And with just two USB-C ports, its hard to recommend as a machine for professionals. Most of us would be better saving up a little bit more for the 14-inch MacBook Pro with a far better screen and more ports.Continue reading.You can pay for your Lyft ride with cash nowYou don't need a bank account to rideshare.In a blast from the past, you can pay for your ride with cash kind of. Lyft has introduced an option to pay for rides using cash. Visit 35,000-plus stores like Walmart, ACE Cash Express and Kroger and you can present a barcode or ID number to turn physical money into a balance accessible through the Lyft app or website. You'll have to scan approved identification after requesting your first ride.Continue reading.Amazon's Alexa might be able to speak as your dead relativesTodays bleak story.At Amazons re:MARS conference, Alexas senior vice-president Rohit Prasad exhibited a startling new voice assistant capability: the supposed ability to mimic voices. Amazon framed this copycatting ability as a way to commemorate lost loved ones. It played a demonstration video in which Alexa read to a child in the voice of his recently deceased grandmother. An Amazon spokesperson told Engadget the new skill can create a synthetic voiceprint after being trained on as little as a minute of audio of the individual it's supposed to be replicating. So far, there's no timeline whatsoever as to when or if this feature will be released to the public.Continue reading.Introducing the Engadget Deals newsletter!It launches this week.We launched our @EngadgetDeals Twitter account two years ago, and now were expanding our deals to a new newsletter dont worry The Morning After is going nowhere. You can subscribe now to get the latest deals on our favorite consumer electronics delivered to your inbox regularly the first issue goes out later today. Expect some pretty major deals, like up to 46 percent off Amazons Omni Fire TVs and the first discounts on the latest product launches, like Sonys LinkBuds S, which have dipped under the $180 mark.Subscribe here.

Category: Marketing and Advertising

2022-06-23 12:59:22| digg

"The only hope that we have in our society … is to have honest conversations about how we're socializing boys, how we're defining manhood," activist and educator Jackson Katz said.

Category: Marketing and Advertising

2022-06-23 12:35:14| Engadget

The Polestar 5 is making its first public appearance at the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed in West Sussex, England. A prototype of the upcoming four-door electric GT sports car will drive up the Goodwood hill twice daily during the event that takes place starting today, July 23rd, until July 26th as part of the "First Glance" group of vehicles. Polestar's UK team developed a "unique bonded aluminum chassis" for the EV, which the company says is key to achieving "a driving experience that is as desirable as the design."The sports car's new electric powertrain is still under development in Sweden, though, where Polestar's sibling company Volvo is also based. Polestar 5 will have a dual electric motor setup, with a rear electric motor that uses an 800-Volt architecture. In all, the complete dual motor powertrain is expected to deliver up to 884 horsepower (650 kW) and 663 lb-ft (900 Nm) of torque.Jörg Brandscheid, Polestar's CTO and Head of R&D, says: "The new powertrain we are working on will set a new brand benchmark in our high-performing cars. Combining strong electric motor engineering ability with advances in light-weight platform technology is leading to truly stunning driver's cars."Polestar 5 is the production version of a concept EV called Precept, which was introduced back in 2020. When the company announced that it was going to turn the concept into a real vehicle, it said it was going to manufacture the EV at a new carbon neutral facility in China. The new images of the Polestar 5 show that it still resembles the original concept, with its "shark-like" nose and geometric creasing, though the automaker could still make changes to its final version. If you want to see how Polestar created a real vehicle out of a concept, you can watch a short series about the process on YouTube. The company plans to launch Polestar 5 in 2024 after launching the Polestar 3 and Polestar 4 electric SUVs. With all these vehicles in its lineup, including the Polestar 2, the brand is bound to become a veritable Tesla rival. Speaking of Polestar 2, the automaker is also debuting a high-performance limited edition version of the EV at Goodwood Festival, where attendees will have the opportunity to book it for a test drive.

Category: Marketing and Advertising

2022-06-23 12:20:21| digg

If we're all the main character and anyone can be famous, maybe we need to decide whose stories are worth telling.

Category: Marketing and Advertising

2022-06-23 12:16:17| digg

According to a new study, you might feel differently about who you've swiped right on after you've had a snack.

Category: Marketing and Advertising

2022-06-23 12:00:15| Engadget

TikTok users now have another way to catch up on their For You page. The app is available on Vizio smart TVs starting today and you'll be able to watch TikTok TV content directly from the home screen.The app, which landed on smart TVs from the likes of Samsung and LG last November, reworks the TikTok experience for big-screen viewing. TikTok TV features popular videos from categories including gaming, comedy, food and animals. If you have a TikTok account, you can log in to view videos from your Following and For You feeds. The app has an autoplay feature as well, so you'll be able to watch an endless string of TikToks without interruption if you wish.

Category: Marketing and Advertising

2022-06-23 11:53:59| digg

It's missing some key context.

Category: Marketing and Advertising

2022-06-23 11:47:30| digg

A new edition of a seminal book brings together iconic images of the band, documenting on-stage swagger and off-stage camaraderie.

Category: Marketing and Advertising

2022-06-23 11:38:50| digg

The victim and suspect appeared to know each other, said Supervisor Rafael Mandelman, who represents the Castro District.

Category: Marketing and Advertising

2022-06-23 11:34:23| digg

Federal prosecutors also said in the sentencing memo that the court should impose the maximum total allowable fine of $750,000.

Category: Marketing and Advertising

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