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Marketing and Advertising

2022-05-21 15:24:16| digg

We've spent years entertaining the delusion that food delivery companies can work. Why are we still pretending?

Category: Marketing and Advertising

2022-05-21 15:23:32| digg

On May 19, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez confirmed the rumors about her engagement to Riley Roberts: "Yep, it's true!"

Category: Marketing and Advertising

2022-05-21 15:22:38| digg

Austin, Texas, police have issued an arrest warrant charging a woman with the fatal shooting of Anna Moriah Wilson, a 25-year-old Dartmouth graduate and professional gravel cyclist killed May 11 in Texas days before a race.

Category: Marketing and Advertising

2022-05-21 15:20:22| digg

The single clerk in a small Maine town resigned after the board of selectmen had denied her vacation request.

Category: Marketing and Advertising

2022-05-21 15:16:58| digg

Owners of Tesla vehicles saw a warning notice on their screens recently, warning them to limit charging during peak hours in order to relieve the Texas power grid.

Category: Marketing and Advertising

2022-05-21 15:00:32| Engadget

What happens when animation geeks get the greenlight to produce whatever they want? You get Netflix's Love, Death and Robots, an anthology series that's meant to remind viewers that cartoons aren't just for kids. You'd think that would be a foregone conclusion in 2022, decades after anime has become mainstream, Adult Swim's irreverent comedies took over dorm rooms, and just about network/streaming platform has their own "edgy" animated series (Arcane and Big Mouth on Netflix, Invincible on Amazon Prime).Still, it's all too common to see the medium being diminished. At the Oscars this year, the best animated feature award was introduced as something entirely meant for kids, prompting the filmmakers Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (The Lego Movie, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse), to demand that Hollywood elevate the genre instead. Even Pixar's library of smart and compelling films still aren't seen as "adult" stories.Love, Death and Robots, which just released its third season on Netflix, feels like a crash course in the unlimited storytelling potential of animation. It bounces from a cute entry about robots exploring the remnants of human civilization (the series' first sequel, 3 Robots: Exit Strategies, written by sci-fi author John Scalzi), to a near-silent, visually lush game of cat and mouse between a deaf soldier and a mythical siren (Jibaro), to a harrowing tale of whalers being boarded by a giant man-eating crab (Bad Traveling, the first animated project directed by series co-creator David Fincher).Jennifer Yuh Nelson, supervising director for Love, Death and Robots, tells Engadget that the animation industry has certainly made progress when it comes to telling more mature stories. "Everyone that works in animation has been talking about trying to get more adult things done because it's [about] the freedom of exploring the whole spectrum of storytelling," she said. "You're not trying to do things for a certain age group." Netflix But, she says, animators were also told the audience for mature projects wasn't necessarily there. "I think it takes a show like [this] to prove that it can [work], and that makes the whole business and the whole company town basically look around and say, 'Oh, this is a viable thing that people actually want to see."Engadget The crypto crash explained + Love, Death & Robots interviewSeries co-creator Tim Miller (Deadpool, Terminator: Dark Fate) also points to the power of video games, which has been telling mature narratives with interactive animation for decades. That's another industry that was initially seen as toys for kids, but has matured significantly with rich storytelling from indie projects, like Kentucky Route Zero, to big-budget blockbusters like The Last of Us. Games and animation are practically evolving together, with audiences demanding more complex ideas and creators who were raised on earlier generations of those mediums. You don't get to the excellent Disney+ remake of DuckTales, or Sony's recent God of War, without a fondness for the simple joys of the originals."Animation has grown so much and reflects a taste of the people making it and the people that are watching it," Nelson says. "It's a generational shift. People demand a certain level of complexity in their story, and so it's not princess movies anymore."With every season of Love, Death and Robots, Nelson says that she and Miller are focused on finding stories that evoke a sense of "nerd joy." There's no overarching theme, instead they look out for projects with scope, emotion and a potential to be visually interesting. And while none of the shorts have been turned into standalone series or films yet, Nelson notes that's a possibility, especially since some authors have explored other ideas within those worlds. (I'd certainly love to see those three quirky robots poking fun at humanity for an entire season.)The series also serves as a showcase for a variety of animation techniques. Some shorts show off meticulously crafted CG, while others like Bad Traveling use motion capturing to preserve the intricacies of an actor's movement or face. Jerome Chen, the director of military horror short In Vaulted Halls Entombed, relied on Unreal, which makes his piece seem like a cut-scene from a game I desperately want to play. And there's still plenty of love for more traditional 2D techniques, like the wonderfully bloody Kill Team Kill (directed by Nelson, a far cry from her playful Kung Fu Panda sequels). Netflix "The tech doesn't replace the art, but the experimentation allows these studios to find ways of doing things better," Nelson said. "[The show gives] freedom for all these different studios to try their own language."Miller has a slightly different view, saying on some level it's like "tech is the art and they somehow mixed together." While he agrees with Nelson, who was quick to point out "artists can make art with a stick," Miller said you'll still need a certain level of sophisticated technology to create photorealistic stories.The great thing about an anthology series like Love Death and Robots? Both of those philosophies can co-exist while equally demonstrating the power of animation.

Category: Marketing and Advertising

2022-05-21 14:51:28| digg

A protester ran onto the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival wearing body paint that read "Stop Raping Us."

Category: Marketing and Advertising

2022-05-21 11:27:00| Engadget

Boeing's Starliner has successfully reached and docked with the International Space Station, completing an important step for a crucial test flight that would determine whether it's ready for crewed missions. The unmanned spacecraft launched on top of a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket from Cape Canaveral and traveled for over 25 hours to reach the orbiting lab. Starliner made its first attempt to reach the ISS in December 2019 but failed to achieve its goal due to a software issue that prevented the spacecraft's thrusters from firing. In August last year, Boeing had to scrap its launch plans due to a problem with the spacecraft's valves, preventing the company from planning another launch for almost a year. The @BoeingSpace#Starliner crew ship completed its trip to the station when it docked to the Harmony module's forward port at 8:28pm ET today. More... https://t.co/RgllPL4Uiupic.twitter.com/0uxslOk0Mn International Space Station (@Space_Station) May 21, 2022While successful, Orbital Flight Test-2 wasn't without its own issues. As The Washington Post reports, two of its 12 main thrusters failed shortly after launch, and its temperature control system malfunctioned. The docking process was also delayed by over an hour as the ground team ensured that the lighting was ideal and communications were working as intended. There was a problem with the spacecraft's docking mechanism, as well, and it had to retract the system before extending it a second time. Boeing said Starliner's main thrusters failed due to a drop in pressure in the thruster chamber, but it's not clear what had caused it. Company vice president Mark Nappi explained that since the thrusters are on the service module that's discarded during the return flight, Boeing might never find out the exact reason for it. Still, NASA and the company plan to examine the other issues that occurred to understand them and prevent them from happening in the future. Starliner will remain docked with the ISS for the next five days before making its return journey, which will see it land in the New Mexico desert. If the spacecraft successfully comes back to Earth, then Boeing could be sending astronauts to orbit as early as this fall.

Category: Marketing and Advertising

2022-05-21 02:23:04| Engadget

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison was involved in a call where a number of influential GOP figuresincluding Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC), Fox News anchor Sean Hannity and Trump attorney Jay Sekulow brainstormed ways to contest the 2020 presidential election, reported the Washington Post. Details of the call which occurred on November 14, 2020 were revealed in new court filings from a lawsuit brought by voting rights organization Fair Fight against True The Vote, a conservative Texas vote monitoring organization that disputes the results of the 2020 presidential election.Jim was on a call this evening with Jay Sekulow, Lindsey O. Graham, Sean Hannity, and Larry Ellison, True the Votes founder, Catherine Engelbrecht, wrote to a donor, according to court filings reviewed by the Post. He explained the work we were doing and they asked for a preliminary report asap, to be used to rally their troops internally, so thats what Im working on now.Ellison is a high-profile GOP donor and has hosted fundraisers for former president Donald Trump. He has seemingly never expressed doubts about the 2020 election results publicly. While the CEO has donated to both parties over the years as the Palm Desert Sunpoints out, hes poured a substantial amount of money into the GOP and conservative causes since the 2020 election. His $15 million donation in February to a super PAC associated with Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) is one of the largest of the 2022 election cycle so far.Ellison's proximity to Trump has led to concerns that Oracle may have had an unfair advantage in competing for federal contracts during the former administration. Oracle nabbed a lucrative contract in 2020 to aid the Department of Health and Human Services to collect data on doctors who treat COVID-19 patients with hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malaria drug embraced by Trump. It is also nearing a deal with TikTok to store their US data, which Trump approved in 2020.

Category: Marketing and Advertising

2022-05-21 00:03:06| digg

After eight seasons, comedian departs long-running sketch show but will continue working with showrunner Lorne Michaels

Category: Marketing and Advertising

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