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2023-09-21 14:59:54| Mondaq.Com

The US federal banking regulators have jointly proposed long-term debt ("LTD") requirements for certain midsize and larger US banking organizations.

Category: News and Media

2023-09-21 14:58:18| Mondaq.Com

Employers have long struggled with the issue of whether time spent by employees changing into and out of protective gear (donning and doffing) is compensable under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

Category: News and Media

2023-09-21 14:56:50| Mondaq.Com

Although the more nostalgic among us were recently celebrating the announcement of a third film (and sequel) of In a galaxy near you (Dans une galaxie prs de chez vous)...

Category: News and Media

2023-09-21 14:54:39| Mondaq.Com

The United States Congress is responsible for appropriating funds for the government. This process begins through the creation of 12 appropriations bills-each determining spending levels for federal agencies...

Category: News and Media

2023-09-21 14:53:43| Mondaq.Com

The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (the "CCPC") announced in July that it had opened an inquiry in the GAAGO Media online streaming service...

Category: News and Media

2023-09-21 14:50:52| Mondaq.Com

Under current law, in 2023 individuals are able to give away during their lifetime, or pass along to others at their death, up to $12.92 million in assets...

Category: News and Media

2023-09-21 14:49:58| Mondaq.Com

During 2022, the 11th Civil Chamber of the Turkish Court of Cassation (the CoC) issued several decisions regarding trade marks covering goods in class 5. The CoC formed its evaluation on the likelihood of confusion...

Category: News and Media

2023-09-21 14:48:03| Mondaq.Com

If there's one thing Eleanor Deeley knows, it's construction. She is the joint Managing Director of The Deeley Group, a family-run construction company based in the Midlands...

Category: News and Media

2023-09-21 14:48:00| Mondaq.Com

On September 14, 2023, the federal government announced a welcome relief that will affect owners and developers of purpose-built rental buildings, student housing or seniors housing.

Category: News and Media

2023-09-21 14:46:46| Mondaq.Com

If you're offering a financial product or service to consumers, such as a deposit account, loan, credit card, or payment service, you need a strong consumer complaint response function.

Category: News and Media

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