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News and Media

2023-09-21 12:49:44| Mondaq.Com

Backcharges by contractors are commonly implemented in Singapore construction projects due to issues such as delays in work or poor workmanship by subcontractors.

Category: News and Media

2023-09-21 12:48:30| Mondaq.Com

Shortly after an important bridge on Interstate 95 just north of downtown Philadelphia collapsed on June 11, 2023, shutting down the entire highway in that area due to a disastrous truck fire...

Category: News and Media

2023-09-21 12:47:03| Mondaq.Com

The right-wing government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin (Binyamin) Netanyahu and the left-wing government of US President Joseph Biden do not often see eye-to-eye on many issues...

Category: News and Media

2023-09-21 12:44:48| Mondaq.Com

We are coming towards the end of the process of reversing age discrimination in the 2015 NHS Pension Scheme.

Category: News and Media

2023-09-21 12:39:06| Mondaq.Com

The procedure for drafting an agreement should be dealt by each party with care in order for the willingness and purposes of the parties to be reflected with clarity.

Category: News and Media

2023-09-21 12:36:50| Mondaq.Com

It is being reported in the press that Kevin Costner and his former wife's divorce settlement has been decided by a judge in Santa Barbara.

Category: News and Media

2023-09-21 12:34:47| Mondaq.Com

The Turkish Constitutional Court ("Constitutional Court") decided1 to annul provisions 5 to 14 of Article 231 of Criminal Procedural Law No. 5271(CPL) related to the deferral of the announcement of the judgment.

Category: News and Media

2023-09-21 12:32:03| Mondaq.Com

In today's modern world, because of increasing environmental problems and the climate crisis, environmental awareness is becoming increasingly widespread on a global scale

Category: News and Media

2023-09-21 12:23:17| Mondaq.Com

The media acts as fourth and one of the most important pillars of our country, including the legislative, executive and Judiciary. It plays an essential role in framing the opinions of a large strata of people...

Category: News and Media

2023-09-21 12:21:48| Mondaq.Com

Today's episode is an encore presentation of our second installment in the Pioneers and Pathfinders Virtual Roundtable Series. Last week, we hosted a live discussion with panelists...

Category: News and Media

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